tim draws
When Tim isn’t in the studio you’ll find him in the kitchen, cooking and dancing, all fuelled by coffee of the percolator variety.

wanda makeshouse_of_hopgood_wanda_hopgoodjez designsJez likes football, bikes of the  pedal variety and beer of the  real ale variety.  He’s been involved in design  and art direction for yonks.  Coming up with creative ideas  and bringing them to life is his passion, eating cake and KitKats  is his vice.


As a collective, we strive to create lovely things that we hope you’ll invite into your life and carry with you for a good while. We spend much of our time thinking, creating and sharing - we’re a small team but we have big ideas. As well as our fabulous collection of quality prints, we aim to bring more nice things for you to buy in our online shop. At the moment we are working on designs for a collection of children’s t-shirts. All our t-shirts will be made from 100% organic cotton.

We acknowledge that all businesses, big and small, put a strain on our fabulous ‘little’ world - and ours is no exception. We do however try our best, wherever possible, to limit the environmental strain we put on our planet. Our mission is to create things that have a long life and are easily recycled at the end of that life. We also strive to use ethical manufacturers for all our products. We believe people, places and the living world always come before profit.

 We are currently on the hunt for a charitable body that represents our values and commitments to people and our planet. We will work with them and support them with profits from the House of Hopgood in the future. We’ll keep you informed once we have finished our research and found our chosen body.