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5 Books about the weather for kids

Children have almost universal responses to different kinds of weather: kicking fallen leaves in autumn, splashing in puddles in the rain, catching snowflakes on tongues when it snows.

Recently Tim spoke to Zoe Greaves about the weather in children's books. The weather is a big topic in the UK – particularly the rain! Zoe asked Tim to pick out five of his favourite weather themed books.

The Tiny Seed - Eric Carle
Once Upon a Northern Night - Jean E. Pendziwol
Rain - Linda Ashman
White Snow Bright Snow - Alvin Tresselt
Mr Grumpy's Outing - John Burningham

five books about the weather reviewed by Tim Hopgood

The first book is 'The Tiny Seed' by Eric Carle

Tim is a huge fan of Eric Carle. He feels Eric's bold colour style works so well. Recently Tim read an interview that Eric had given about the use of colour and he explained how you needed the white space to make the colour really jump out.

Take a look at the two beautiful illustration below that demonstrate Eric's point so well.

eric carle bird pecking seeds

eric carle seeds growing

These illustrations by Eric Carle are simply fabulous. Anyway we won't steel all Zoe's thunder here on this page. To read the full interview with Tim click here and visit the Five books website.

Happy reading